Post 1: Home,Hockey & History


I was not really sure what to expect from digital history, but after the introduction I am excited to learn more about it. I enjoy history which is one of the main reasons I took this course. For me history is exciting  I enjoy learning about how things came to be and how things have changed over time. Obviously computers/technology are becoming a big part of many peoples lives, so it will be interesting to see how digital tools can make history more accessible to everyday life.  My program at Brock is concurrent education and my teachable subject is science.  Since I am in ConEd I hope to be a teacher once I am out of school. However I am unsure if that is really what I want to be, still looking into other options :).  I am from Hamilton and I have two older brothers. Growing up hockey was a big part of my home. From watching the Leafs on TVgoleafsgo, to playing hockey it is a big part of my family’s life. I began playing hockey at nine years old and it is something that I absolutely love. I also like cats although I do not have a cat my oldest brother has moved out and I often visit his house to see his cat. Audi the Bengal.   The introduction to digital history brought up a lot of good points. One thing I liked in particular was the idea of diversity .People from all different areas of study can look at one article,artifact or whatever it may be and provide different information or views about that piece. Like the reading says giving people access to things that had not been for public viewing will help more people realize the importance of history as well as the importance of digitizing history. Another point that I thought was good was about authenticity, this could be a down fall since it is relatively easy to put information online. Misinformation may begin to circulate which is not good. Making sure the sources that are assessed are trusted is important. I think that digital history is great, being able to access documents with just a few clicks helps us see into the past which is where we all started. download



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