Blog Post #1: Intro

Hi there,
My name is Vithuna Vigneswaran, I am a second year kinesiology student here at Brock University. I am from Vaughan and it’s approximately 1.5 hour drive to here which isn’t too bad. I originally switched my program from nursing and I plan on going back and getting my nursing degree after I finish getting my kinesiology degree. Sometimes going back isn’t bad, right? Besides school, I work with patients with various ages including patients that are disabled or palliative. I love working with them as I always learn new things and have an enjoyable experience.

medical doctor comforting senior patient

While technology is rapidly growing and making changes to people’s lives, it is interesting to know that the past is taking advantage of new communication technologies for further analysis and research. In fact, it is extremely interesting to know that you can connect with your descendants through digitized information!

The Introduction of Digital History examines the advantages and disadvantages of digital History. Although the promises (advantages) overweigh the perils (disadvantage), it seems to be that the promises can also have negative outcomes. “Promises” are divided into seven qualities that allow us to do better things such as  capacity, accessibility, flexibility, diversity, manipulability, interactivity, manipulability and hypertextuality (or nonlinearity). On, the other hand, “perils” are divided into five dangers/hazards such as quality, readability, passivity, and inaccessibility, durability.

While most information can be accessed through the internet, some sources are not reliable and it is hard to prevent from accessing them when they are readily available on the internet. In a blink of an eye, information can be obtained instead of spending hours looking through books. New findings can be approached through the vast technology and can affect people’s lives to a great extent. Also, more data can be stored. Meanwhile, the internet has a hard time filtering out the useless and unreliable sources that is on the search engine. It is nearly impossible to figure out who the real author is and this can cause conflict. Digital History in my opinion is going to change the way we see things as years go by as it evolves.

Although there are different perspectives people might take on with this course, I am not sure what to expect in this course as this is my first “history” related course I am taking in university. But, I am eager to learn more about digital history!


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