Intro Post because I don’t have a better name

Hello my name is Michael Vellenga. I grew up on a Dairy farm in Smithville which is pretty close to Hamilton. I am a second year history major at Brock university and to answer what so many people have asked me what i want to do after? I have no idea idea what i want to do, I just find history pretty interesting and I thought I may as well go with history and hopefully figure something out along the way. In my spare time I like to play historical strategy games such as games from the total war series or crusader kings. I also like watching Netflix and I’m a big fan of Game of Thrones.

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The intro to digital history chapter lists a number of pros and cons of the huge amount of historical data and information becoming so much more accessible. A huge benefit is that historical information which was once very exclusive has now become available for a vast number of people. The sharing and obtaining of this info is also much easier as the researcher no longer needs to travel all the way to the archive location rather they can often  access the info from their own home. Despite all the great benefits of this it does not however come without cons. With this huge amount of data and information made available to all it has become impossible to prevent fake or incorrect sources being posted online thus giving the researcher the hazard of navigating through false information to discern the truth. Although there is a large amount of false information on the internet it is still far better that this correct information is available to the public even though the researcher must be careful when finding their sources with critical examination and cross checking information with sites known to be reliable it is not so difficult to find good info.

Going into this course I’m not totally sure what to expect from digital history although I thought the idea to be interesting to take a look at history with a different perspective through modern tools rather then relying soling on more traditional means of history.


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