Introduction blog post #1


My name is Vithura and I’m a second year Kinesiology major at Brock University. I’m from Vaughan, Ontario from a  suburban community called Maple. It is so relentlessly boring as there is nothing to do other than eat. I live within walking distance of restaurants, a few grocery stores/fast foods and a GOstation all maybe under an hour walk. Anyhow I have been involved in the healthcare sector for the past 7 months and have a strong degree of interest in simply making a difference in the lives of others.  I’m slowly making my way up there as I have been working with disabled children, elderly adults and providing palliative care for those in need. Helping others is a rewarding and beneficial experience as simply putting a smile on someone’s face makes a small difference. I am still in the process of deciding which direction to take once I complete my Kinesiology degree as there are many options open. This will be hard on my part as I am an indecisive individual but really have a passion in educating individuals about health issues in increasing quality of care and safety.

          One interesting fact that I always mention to others is that I have a twin sister. We are both identical twins and we do everything together. This includes, going out to eat, watching the same movies/shows but have completely different personalities as we are two complete different individuals.

         Besides all this, I love watching family vlogs on youtube as I can gain some insight and different perspectives of life.  For myself, some vloggers inspire and motivate me to set goals in life by persevering as a young individual. Others have a touching story that initially pulls me in and waiting to unfold. For example,  Kkandbabyj, the mother(Karen) is a teen mom who has two beautiful kids, Jackson and Levi. The father (QUA) is best at knowing how to capture something and tell a story. They both share their trials together and this includes infertility. Once they got pregnant, they gave hope to other couples struggling with similar issues. Ultimately, watching vloggers is a way to feel connectected and a way to escape life through the struggles the vloggers faced.

         The introduction of digital history chapter pinpoints 7 promises and  5 perils entering the historical world.  This comes to show that that pros outweigh the negative aspects in pursuing a digital future.  Some advantages of digital media is networking which includes in being able to reach multiple audiences with historical information that was once exclusive just to the historians. Specifically, online accessibility for high school students,  i.e a documentary record have the same terms of access as most senior historians which is quite alarming. Similarly, from condensing large amounts of data into tiny amounts of space, giving readers more varied sources of openness and diversity, getting more historical materials into classrooms and the ability to encompass different media all resides positive aspects of technology. For example, historical information is becoming far more accessible anywhere and anytime in this global world.  But despite the information that is available, is it accurate? This arises questions and concerns as researchers have to go through inaccurate and misleading information to separate factual and true. Some other dangers of digital media comprises of it’s durability, quality, readability and passivity. In essence, the digital future involves the preservation of everything, however it is losing its global present as no one is willing to want to have a  complete historical record.

          In proceeding with this course, I am truly excited in looking foward to learn about the development of digital history and the technology used to produce it. Along with knowing the potential benefits in the use of digital history when combined with traditional historical methods. This will allow me to draw to new conclusions and use different tools to extract and analyze data that is accurate which allow me to improve on my critical thinking skills. Particularly, being able to utilize and promote the unique analysis of data with many tools that was once unavailable to historians.


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