Me, Myself and I

Hello, my name is Josh Anger and I am a second year Con Ed student studying History and Geography. I am originally from Hamilton, but am living in Thorold this school year. After Brock, I plan to become a high school teacher, teaching both History and Geography. Outside of University I still play competitive hockey for a local Junior Hockey Club in Glanbrook. Most of my past time enjoyments include sports and video games. I love almost all sports and love to follow professionauston matthewsal sports.







The inevitable coming of digital information, such as eBooks, online libraries and data bases was first saw to be a threat to education and learning. The internet was seen as a non-creditable source, where all items would have the same credibility. But with these changes in the way we read, the way we learn, one of the major changes has been in the amount of items, articles or books we can now find on a specific topic, increasing the amount of information we have at our finger tips when researching topics.

A down fall to digital uses for information is how easy it is to find incorrect information. By using search engines, it will scan all the information in its database to fit what you have typed, and this can also bring up websites that are not accurate information, or even discussion boards where anyone has the power to post what they want.  With the use of digital information on the web, it also brings the possibility of losing the original form of the document, book or painting. This is a problem for historical purposes, because we lose some of the meaning and purpose from the physical copy, that would now be either a picture of the physical, or a word document copied by it.

I believe that digital history is an important topic that is very rarely considered in the historical world. Because of my age, I have never had to prepare a historical essay or writing without the use of the internet. And to be quite honest, I think it would be much more difficult to find resources for it. The internet poses a much easier way to find research and information, for not only just history topics.  Although I do understand the drawbacks of digital information, and the problems with using search engines and websites for information, I do believe that Digital History is such a large benefit to everyone studying History.






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