Me, Myself and I

Hello! My name is Adrian Marioselva and I am a third year Business Economics student at Brock University. I am from Whitby, Ontario and once I have completed my undergraduate degree, I would like to further my education in the masters program at Brock. Brock offers many opportunities for students and post-graduates alike to further there skills to better prepare for the future. After I have completed my masters program, I would like to pursue a career in management consulting or financial analyst at RBC. Outside of school, basketball is my burning passion on and off the court. From watching basketball games to playing on the court, anything revolving that environment will be a comfortable atmosphere for me. giphy

Sports in general have found a spot in my heart always, especially if it means to represent Toronto.


So, what does Digital History mean to me? Digital History reminds me of where all things from sources of information from Google to how a computer was built. In today’s world everyone has access to a huge variation of information due to the superpower of the internet. People are capable of now learning new languages or cook new recipes that can be learnt from a professional chefs based on one click of a button.

Communication has become a the very necessity to human society as a way to interact with people all across the world. From Canada to Germany to Australia, everyone is capable to obtain access to the powerful feature that can be used in different forms of communication. To online dating, business emails, and most important emailing your professor, digital communication has never been so easy.

What also comes to mind with Digital History is the understanding of the historians and how they were able to approach to such an advancement in technology. Not even a decade ago, the introduction of the internet was still relatively new, however now the internet is seemly used as a daily necessity. I would like to learn how historians were able to interact and influence the further understanding of digital studying and how so many people were able to adapt to this huge progression in such a quick process. Studying this material enables us students to further engage and appreciate methods of digital understanding and how everything all began.

I am excited and anxious to begin this interesting course with my fellow classmates and learn new things I would’ve never knew about in Digital History!


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