Introduction to Me

Hello everyone, my name is James and I am a second year History student here at Brock. I am from a pretty small town called Stoney Creek, no one usually knows where it is so I just say that I am from Hamilton. It’s a pretty cool city but there isn’t much to do here. After I complete my undergraduate program, I plan on going to Law School and becoming a Lawyer. A little bit about me, I commute to school this year but last year I lived in residence which was an experience to say the least. Growing up in an extremely suburban town was pretty much as basic as it gets. I knew everyone on my street and I was the youngest of three boys. My brother Joey is a year older than I am and my brother Justin is 12 years older than me and he is a highschool teacher as well as a graduate from Brock. Living so close to the Niagara region and the Toronto area was really convenient when I was growing up. We would frequently visit Niagara so it felt right to go to school out here as it is far enough that I can live here if I want, but I can also commute.

I do not really do much outside of school as I work two jobs. I work at Starbucks as a Barista, and I am also a cook at my local breakfast diner. Jugging school and two jobs is pretty stressful at times but I manage to just work really early opening shifts then head to school. It really is not ideal most days but I get free Starbucks when I work so hey, who wouldn’t always want to be working right? I have done almost everything when it comes to jobs, I have done everything from being a server, to a lifeguard, to a landscaper. I feel as though I have found what I like to do being a Barista as I was a regular customer at my store and it was just fate that brought me to working there.

So, what does the term “Digital History” mean to me? To me, I view it as a gateway to everything todays generation knows. Every time there is a question with an unknown answer, one can simply “Google it” which I believe to be an amazing, yet dangerous tool. The term of “Digital History” can show us of what came before the high speed and all-knowing power of technology that we currently know today. The perils of digital history are that it used to be just a place for simple YouTube videos and Google searches; but now, it is a lifeline for almost everyone in todays society. It is a source of communication as well as a source of income for others. Just by posting videos, people are able to make a living which is an incredible aspect of the digital world. This can cause the people of the world to become less educated and less caring about the environment. Even from an education standpoint, doing these postings while in the comfort of your own home without having to leave the house in order to submit it is something that has developed rapidly over a few years. My oldest brother is amazed at how much is at out disposal now, compared to when he was a student at Brock. For my program, having ancient documents available on the internet is incredible. I can view items which are currently across the globe with a simple search for them and I can even discuss with other students who are in other areas of the world.

The main reason why Digital History is so interesting to be is because it has exploded with development is such a short time, really in a simple 15 years. It has turned from a luxury to almost a necessity. Which I believe to be an amazing quality that must be studied in order to fully understand. I am looking forward to this course as I feel it will provide details to some events and situations that might have gone unnoticed previously.


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