Digital History Introduction

Hi all, my name is Ciara O’Connell and I can’t wait to be writing for you all over the next few months. I don’t lead the most interesting life, however I will tell you a little about me so you can know a little about who I am and what will be happening over the next few months.

I come from a small town North of the GTA. It was in this small town that I realized I needed to leave small town life and pursue a career in accounting. While it isn’t the most exciting of career paths, it’s one that I find fascinating. Its more than financial statements, its about making sense of the illogical and making it logical for those who are interested in reading the information. This is also why I chose to take this course. In the study of history, digital history allows a massive amount of information to be presented to the interested public in a logical manner.

Digital history, while an emerging topic for some, has deep roots dating back centuries. It is important for historians and for those in positions of power to understand that digital history is more than cataloguing old texts and merely digitizing them, it is about a wellspring of knowledge that would be otherwise inaccessible to many without the creation of internet-based databases. Digital history faces opposition for this very reason, as funding comes from those in power who may not fully understand the overarching need for what digital history has to offer. I believe that digital history is an important field of study and open topic of conversation. If understood by the decision-makers, appropriate funding can be provided in order to the much needed resources that become available through the investment. Similar to financial statements in accounting, we must present the information in a true light as to ensure the best possible decisions can be made.


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