Blog Post 2: The Digital Archives

Online archiving is a revolutionary way of storing information.  Sites in public domain such as the Darwin Correspondence project and Medici Archive allow anyone from anywhere with an internet connection to research the past for free. This allows information to be more accessible than ever.

The Darwin Correspondence is an archive put together by the University Of Cambridge. The archive consists of letters that Charles Darwin wrote and received up until 1872. This archive is unique because it doesn’t show just the research side of Darwin’s life but also gives you a look into his personal life.


Another interesting online archive is Ancestry is an archive that allows you to search your family accessory. Ancestry does this by using the Morman church’s archives. However, Ancestry has many downfalls. Ancestry charges up to 30 dollars a month for their service. On top of the large price tag that is associated with the service Accessory is also known for giving out inaccurate, false, or just not being able to come with any information at all. In my opinion, Accessory is just a money grab on people who want explore their roots.

One of the older archives that we looked at was the Medici Archive Project. The Medici Archive covers many different aspects of Tuscany and Europe.The archive contains millions of letters from the span of 1537-1743. Although the archive suffers from its mass amount of information making the archive very cluttered and hard to navigate. This makes finding specific information as it may be buried behind other information. An example of this is on the front page of the website there are over 40 images of different parts of the archive.clutter

Overall I believe that online archiving is the way of the future and will be used increasingly over the years to store information publicly.


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