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The online history archive about the history of Germany contains a lot of good information and some descent photos. It has a wide range of topics and is a good place to start if researching something about Germany as it does not get to far in depth but gives the researcher  a good overview to start with however for any serious paper a lot more information will be required then this archive provides. the way it is laid out is also a problem as it is small and in one corner of the page. The website leaves large empty white spaces which does not make it look nice or professional.

The archive on Dante’s Divine Comedy has lots about Dante’s work and has the text online as well as enabling users to search keywords and phrases in order to find specific passages and references but the problem with that is that you need to know exactly what you are looking for and know the text really well. If you don’t know that much about Dante then you will have a hard time using this site for research. As for myself basically everything I know about the Divine Comedy is from this comic below so I didn’t find any use for this website for me but if your a big fan of the Divine Comedy then you’ll probably like this archive.

Related image

Now the third and final online archive I’m reviewing is the Darwin correspondence project which in my opinion is by far the best of the three. The archive is about the life of Darwin and the theory of evolution. This site looks a lot nicer than the other two sites and has a lot of information that is a lot easier to find than on the Dante archive. Although you still have to know what you are looking for if you want to use the keyword search it is not the only option as there are many drop down menus to select a number of topics.

Although online archives often have their flaws they are really a great source of information and allow historians to access information where they otherwise would have had to travel far or maybe not even been able to gain access at all.



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