Digital Archives

The assignment that we have been assignment requests us to speak upon the three archives which were discussed in class. Digital archives can be explained as collections of digital information objects which are intentionally used for long-term access. These archives can be used as a huge advantage for the general public as they are easy to access since they can be used as long as there is a internet connection. The first archive I will analyze is the German History in Documents and Images. This archive is filled with information regarding German history from the 1500-present. This archive is very good in the means of locating and analyzing historic figures and events that have occurredgermany-sun-sky-bamberg-2x1 within numerous periods of German history. This is a great archive for students as well as professors, to dig deep into German history with the convenience of it on a computer. This website provides high level of information for historians, as they are capable of researching and achieving quick information regarding German history. The limitation of this archive is that the formatting of this website is minimal, and not all the information we want to obtain can be gained through here. More information about German history can be gained through other website, but it would’ve been more convenient if all that information was stored into one archive, that way historians and students alike can cite to one source of information rather than various.

The next archive I would like to speak upon is the Darwin Correspondence Project. This project is filled with complete information, letters and such of Charles Darwin. This enables historians to read and analyze numerous letters and timelines of Charles Darwin, as well as numerous of other correspondents. The archive is setup in such a way that allows the viewer to easily find information through different tabs from letters, commentary, people and resources. This is a huge advantage for historians as they are able to view old letters of Charles Darwin that cannot be found on other websites and is rarely available online. The limitation of this archive is that it is owned by the University of Cambridge, and copyrights and such are owned by them so that outside sources cannot obtain the information so easily. However, the limitation is quite marginal, as citation and such are not, overall this archive is quite good and enables us to view more history from all the use of a computer. charles-darwin-quotes


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