Blog Assignment #3

For this blog assignment we are assigned to speak about one HGIS project that can be found on the GeoSpatial Historian. The project that I have chosen for this blog is the voting of the US elections from the years of 1840-2008. This project speaks and shows the statistics of American voting within a numerous amount of years. Once entering the website, we are shown with 4 different maps with different voting by Americans, including presidential, congressional, individual and population. Once clicking on the presidential, it shows different maps regarding different parties, presidential votes, and turnouts. By clicking one of the following, we are shown a time lapse throughout the years. These allow viewers to see the various amount of changes and how different parties affect the voting system through various tactics. This project enables users to view American voting at the most convenient method to view changes in voting patterns, followed by the amount of voters that are slightly been increasing through the years. They use the map of America and differentiating all of states by different color schemes and using a various amount of tools to differ the parties or population. These maps are filled with detail and also shown a legend on the side with the time bar at the bottom, all following in the same sequence.

This project is shown as a very resourceful and highly recommended service for those who are in search of high statistics of American voting. This enables user to see various changes with different years and different scenarios all under one project. The maps are heavily detailed from the brim. Also, not many websites have to vast amount of information regarding the voting system in America, so this website enables users to not only view the numbers, but also see the detailing of the graphing and the time lapse shown.

The disadvantages to this project is the lack of written information to the graphs. The numerical and graphing system is great for the project, however if more available information regarding how the numbers were shown in certain patterns or why there would be high numbers in population. This information would be very useful for a user who is describing basic trends in American voting, however wouldn’t know the precise reasoning to why the numbers are fluctuating in these certain trends. Election2012RedWhiteBlue


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