Blog Post #3 Digital Atlas of Roman and Medieval Civilizations

I found a very interesting map called the Digital Atlas of Roman and Medieval Civilizations. The map made by Harvard University and contains a massive amount of information with a wide variety of subjects. The map was very well made and easily navigable with expand and hide tabs located on the sidebar. You can select and deselect multiple overlays. This feature allows the user to see how different aspects such as military and economic locations coincide with each other. The same is true within the same headings such as fort and tower location and area within two days road as shown below.


The map highlights main regions that were occupied by the Roman Empire. It gives specific information on every single point on the map. Each point contains things such as the time period, location certainty, names, alternate, site type, names and much more. The many different overlays allow you to find any locational information about the Roman age you may want to find. The military tab allows you to see everything from fort locations, defensive systems, and walls. For historians who are more interested in the culture and social aspect of Roman history have an even wider range of information to choose from. These include information such as cities and settlement, culture and religion, and the economy which all have subsections with multiple overlays available to view.

Another part of the map is the medieval portion of the map. This part of the map shows the medieval geographical history. The best part of this, however, was the Vikings and crusades overlays. This shows all of the movements made by the army of the crusades and Vikings during many different time periods. The Viking’s overlay even displayed trade routes executed by the Vikings and the areas they influenced. Overall the map is great for anyone who is interested in the geographic history of Roman and medieval history.


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