Blog post #3 HGIS project review

The HGIS project that I looked at is called the digital atlas of Roman and medieval civilizations. It is a map focused on the Mediterranean and the surrounding area that used to be part of the Roman empire. The webpage shows some information about the project and the people who made it but the main purpose is the map. The map gives you the option to look at what buildings you want to such as Roman forts or you can turn the forts off and look at cities instead or both at the same time. The map shows the sites of Roman forts, walls and towns as well as offer things from the Roman period. Under the medieval tab is the option to see things happening in the middle ages such as the trade routes and movement of the vikings as well as the expansion of Islam and the crusades and various churches and monasteries.


Roman empire


The map show a lot of information well and it is very useful if you are trying to see the locations of important sites at that time and the distance between them. Each point also has a lot of data which is of some use but the user of this map must know something about the location before using the map effectively as this map doesn’t give any information on the significance of the locations but just give a bunch of empirical data that is useful but only if you have already read up on the site elsewhere. The website does show where they got their data under a section titled map sources but they also have a section called bibliography that is blank. since they already show sources for the map they don’t need to have a whole section just called bibliography but if they are going to then they should at least put some sources in it.

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