Blog #3

The HGIS map that I chose from the different options was the Caribbean Cholera map. This map was made in order to show the medical history and natural phenomena’s that existed in the Caribbean during the nineteenth century. It is easy to navigate through and shows the year and months that a certain event took place or type of technology came out. For example, from February to May in 1833 it marks down the dates that different technology was introduced in the Caribbean. Such as, the torchlight, and Salem gazette were discovered in Cuba that year.

Another interesting feature about this map is that it has tracked all of the Cholera outbreaks, hurricanes, tropical storms and news articles that happened in the Caribbean over the years. The map was created in 2011 by the Duke University Haiti Laboratory by a number of representatives. This particular map does not have very many points at the beginning of the nineteenth century but once you scroll ahead it becomes clear of the many events that had happened.

This HGIS map was made very well, it is interesting and easy to navigate through. This can help the society of the Caribbean in a very positive way because it can assist them in tracking different natural disasters, seeing if they were more common in the beginning of the nineteenth century or the end. This can give the locals an idea of the potential danger they may be in and allow them to prepare for the worst.


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