Blog Post #4

Voyant Tools is a useful web application that reads and analyzes word documents with the click of a button. Users must copy and paste the document of choice into the box and Voyant Tools does the rest. Voyant Tools will then categorize and chart the different words and phrases used in the document, making it very easy to skim through and pick out information needed within large texts like poems or books.

Voyant Tools is helpful for historians because it can help determine the influence of different languages and dialectics based on what words are used in the document, including the word order and how sentences are constructed around the letter. Let it be known that Voyant Tools is simply a tool, and without the purposeful effort of the person examining the piece of literature, the information Voyant Tools gives is useless.

The ability to quickly access and analyze documents using Voyant Tools is very helpful for Historians. I believe that this tool is quite difficult to use for the average person researching text, but to a knowledgeable historian who understands what the tool is providing can really help with the process of comparing texts, or analyzing words and meaning within the text. I do not personally believe that Voyant Tools offers something that was previously unattainable, but I do believe that its use makes historians jobs much easier. Voyant Tools would make the normal task of comparing texts or analyzing texts much faster than by human effort.  With applications like Voyant Tools, the need for Historians or other academic positions to critically analyze and understand the documents they are using in Voyant Tools will always be there because these tools cannot make comments or educated answers on the information it analyzes from the text. Voyant Tools is but a valuable aid in decryption and analyzing texts for human scholars and will never be able to completely replace the historian or analyzer. reading-online


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