Blog #4


Voyant tools is an application that is web-based and used for performing text analysis. it is made up of scholarly readings and different kinds interpreted texts that are available to students, teachers, and the general public. It can also be used to analyze and enhance online texts. It is useful because it picks up different trends and readings. Google analytics is used to find the information that is supplied to the user. Its main purpose, however, is for scholarly use and analysis on different documents. It is also useful in the sense that it can point out the important parts of a document and help the user stay focused on what matters in a text, such as a theme.  This can be a very helpful tool for historians because it can help them find the patterns located in readings that they may be analyzing. As much as this may be a very helpful tool, it is not one that can be relied on solely because a lot of research and importance would be left out. When it comes to small sources Voyant tools may not be helpful because it tries to look for repetition amongst a given text in order to point out the main theme and with little being mentioned it could miss important factors within a reading. However, it does not provide the reader with new information, just an easier way to spot patterns amongst what is being read. The Voyant tool is helpful mainly to historians because it helps speed up the process in research and may make things easier to understand. Personally, sometimes when I read historical documents I feel lost and can’t always figure out the purpose of a paper. The Voyant tool would be very helpful for me because it is easy to miss a point when trying to stay focused on a document and it lets you know what is most important. For some people looking for an easy way out of reading a document, Voyant could be a problem and can be used as an excuse to not read something. This is not good because it will not provide enough information to give a proper analyzation.


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