Student Web Pages

Here you will find the collection of websites designed and built by Brock Digital History students for their final assignment of HIST2P26.

Cynthia Allingham, “A Soldier’s Life in WWI”

Christina Cappelletti, “Toronto Maple Leafs History”

Jason Gillard, “Luther’s Reformation”

Greg Hayward, “Southern Ontario and its Role in the Underground Railway”

Michael Hunter, “The Civil Rights Movement”

Matthew Krieger, “Korean War”

Sierra MacIsaac, “The War of 1812”

Adrian Mario Selva, “The Vietnam War”

Katie Munro, “The Rwandan Genocide”

Rebecca Nickerson, “The Great Fire of London”

Ciara O’Connell, “History of Anime and Manga”

Kevin Pendergast, “The Battle of Stalingrad”

Alexis Rago, “The Italian Wars”

Francis Samson, “The Battle of Gallipoli”

Cassandra Schultz, “Martin Luther: Life and Times”

Allison Snobelen, “The Battle of Lundy’s Lane”

James Trotti, “The Armenian Genocide”

Michael Vellenga, “Caesar’s Conquest of Gaul”

Vithuna Vigneswaran, “The Great Depression”

Vithura Vigneswaran, “The Cold War”