Text Post #4

Throughout my exploration of Voyant Tools, I found a plethora of things to spark my interest. This tool is very interesting because it allows one to copy and paste a section of writing, or plug in a word document off their computer and as a result, this site will produce data based off what was given in the text box or word document. Voyant Tools is also a free site which can be used in many ways. I know that we used it in my highschool English class to see which words we had used the most in our essays and whether or not they were needed that many times. Voyant Tools offers text analysis which would allow those using the site to break down their work and analyze specific details of it.

This site is of major use to historians because by inputting a certain work found at an archaeological site, they can determine the speech patterns of those who lived during that time period. Voyant Tools can show the user how many times a word is present in a work as well as when that word appears, for example if one word always appears after another one, then both words will be brought to the attention of the user.

The ability that Voyant Tools has to analyze text patterns in large bodies of writing can help or hinder the historical analysis. It can do both based on what the historian is attempting to analyze. In large works where speech patterns are being analyzed. However, the site will not be as useful when the body of work is not of a decent length. The site Voyant Tools has proven to be immensely useful to me and I plan on using it again in the future in assistance with my essays not only to find repetitive words, but to analyze my own speech patterns in my essays.

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