Blog #4: Voyant tools and text analysis

Voyant tools is a useful open web based application for performing reading and digital text analysis. In other words, the Voyant tool is an excellent source to learn about the various kinds of data that us as humans can extract from the internet sources. It allows us to write own text or collection of texts in a various formats that includes plain text, HTML, XML, PDF, RTF and Microsoft word. Especially, this tool is vital for digital historians that can provide insight regarding patterns and is crucial in the technological advancement era as we are furthering our advancement to online platforms. This will allow historians to explore patterns in a reduced amount of time. For example, from my exploration from this site, one is able to select a corpus and can simply copy and paste a text into a text box from different locations including URLs and uploaded files. The upload file selector would allow one to choose one or more files as it is easier to add several documents at once. Once the corpus has been selected, it will be presented with a default skin that includes cirrus, reader, trends, summary and contexts. This will help hinder historical analysis to analyze text patterns in various bodies of writing.

Furthermore, it has a range or analytic and interpretive functions that has several tools for studying term frequencies and distributions and collections within documents in different formats. This is beneficial because historians can get a more better and basic understanding of the connections between the texts. While on the other hand, the most fascinating part about Voyant tools is the ability to bookmark your work and share the URLs as you are able to work with the same text during different sessions. Not only that, but the voyant tools is available in several languages. That includes Arabic, French, Japanese, Serbian etc. From this, it can be shown that individuals can use this helpful site from any part of the world.

I believe the downfall to voyant tools is that the text itself does not do the actual work for you as it gives surface of common words and correlations between the words but meaning. As well as,  you can narrow the specific word from the patterns, but the vital information or key word can be forgotten. Thus, one needs to find the deeper meaning behind the words as it can be time consuming. However, I plan on using this tool in furthering my assistance in analyzing my patterns in my own personal essays. This is because I am able to see the  trends in the text that I may have never seen before as this site does give something new that we can not otherwise access.

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