Blog Post #4

Voyant Tools is a digital text analysis that helps historians quickly analyze large bodies of paragraphs to find specific word structures or phrases. This tool can help generate a quick and easy use of finding anything related to the text, from finding consistent words or patterns. Voyant tools is a great tool for all historians because it enhances the reading through different analysis methods like frequency lists, frequency distribution plots and KWIC displays. Not only does this tool help historians, but also other users such as teachers, who would want to analyze poetry or paragraphs that are needed for teaching purposes, so they can find patterns quickly, compared to them actually reading through it. This engine is something that can be found through actual reading and analysis of a paragraph, however this tool enables us to quickly find patterns. The efficiency of finding this information quickly is a huge advantage for anyone who needs to find quick analysis and not spending a lot of time actually going through the text. Reading skills have been enhanced throughout the years, as everyone once they attend school, begin to understand, write and learn paragraph analysis. This tool takes all those skills and computes that information in a matter of seconds. Now users wont be using these skills due to the huge advantage of finding the information in seconds compared to hours of analyzing paragraphs. Voyant tools is a great engine for everyone to use, from historians to teachers to even us students, to find quick analysis of texts. voyant


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