Blog Post #1 : Introduction / Chapter 1

Hi there, My name is Mitchell Witherspoon, I am a third year Business Communications student at Brock University. I am from Stouffville, Ontario, a small rural community located approximately an hour North of downtown Toronto. Once completing the Business Communications undergraduate program at Brock University I would like to further develop my skills and knowledge of agronomy and turf grass management practices to pursue a career in the golf industry. My seven years of developed skills from working guides my golf course management practices and processes that lead to my most satisfying and recent responsibility that was successfully managing a 27-hole golf facility with supervising a crew of 13. Therefore as a undergraduate of Business Communications, I would effectively be able to communicate to a diverse range of constituents from employees, members & guests to golf executive boards and vendors. On my spare time outside of the classroom and workplace you would most likely find me golfing with friends and family.

In an era of globalization digital history has effected us as a whole, as it is evident by society being excessively dependent to their smart phones and gadgets. The introduction chapter to digital history began with capitalizing on a number of positives and negatives towards digital history and how it is used. Daniel Cohen and Roy Rosenzweig also presented several promises regarding digital histories future. They began with assessing how easy it is for individuals to access information as well as emphasizing on the feature of being able to store all personal information into one place. Finally the chapter focused on the contrast between ‘hypertextuality’ and ‘nonlinearity’, of digital media which was defined by the movement of data in any possible direction. Although the on going mass media and digital movement has proposed many questions regarding potential threats for inaccessibility and eruption of possible monopolies.

After completing the second week of first semester, I still do not have a strong idea on what to expect from this course due to my shortage of history credits and as well as my knowledge towards digital history. Although I am looking forward to expanding my knowledge of digital history specifically in our current time era of economic globalization and technological advancements.

-Mitchell Witherspoon



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