Blog post #1 “My Initial Impressions”

Hello, My name is Matthew Krieger. This is my first year at Brock University after transferring from the University of Ottawa from the economics program. I am still unsure of what I want to do after completing my degree and am still exploring my options. I currently reside in the town of Fort Erie which is also my hometown. Some of the things that I enjoy are sports from baseball to hockey.

Going into the first lecture I was unsure what the course was really about. Although after our first lecture, there are many things I found very interesting. What I am looking forward to the most is creating the story map and learning how to use the GIS system. I already plan to use the opportunity to create my map around the Old Fort Erie and the rich history behind it. This idea is also intriguing because of the ability it will give aid to future historians to grasp the past. The idea that really raised my attention, was the social media aspect of it. People in the future will have the ability to see what their ancestors or anyone else who uses them were doing throughout their lives.

old fort erie 2.jpeg

The Introductory chapter highlighted seven qualities and five hazards of digital media and networks. One of the promises that come with digital history is the huge amount of Capacity it allows. Data can now be condensed into bytes and stored on a hard drive or the internet makes archiving easier.  Another promise that comes with digital history is diversity. The internet has given people the ability to publish their content to a public audience for free.

However, with these promises come the perils. The main one, in my opinion, is quality. With so much data comes so much junk. Many articles being inaccurate or misleading and with some software, images are easier than ever to fake. Also, inaccessibility is a big roadblock in the progression of digital history. As most of the world still doesn’t have access to modern technology.

I’m excited to continue learning more about digital history and look forward to future classes.


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